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The Bouffants



Thousands of fans can’t be wrong: The Bouffants are the premier party band of the South! Whether it’s a wedding, festival, convention, gala, or just a party for the sake of a party.


The Bouffants will provide a professional entertainment experience that your guests won’t soon forget. Get out your rat-tailed teasing comb and a huge vat of Aquanet, and get ready to rock and roll your way through a musical experience that will be an exciting hit with kids from ages 6 to 66! Featuring four fabulous vocalists backed by five fantastic musicians.


The Bouffants delight audiences with their showy costumes, slick and often hilarious choreography, and a dance beat that will have you groovin! And, then there’s that hair!!!!!


From Minneapolis to New Orleans, Chicago to Atlanta, The Bouffants have thrilled audiences with classic songs from groups like the Shangri-La’s, the Chiffons, Aretha Franklin and the Jackson Five. But the dancing doesn’t stop with the 60’s sound! You’ll hear the classic hits from Motown and Stax, to 70’s rock and roll, and current favorites. Far more than just an awesome band.


The Bouffants turn any event into an instant party!

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